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We offer a wide range of chemicals, metals and ceramic products. 

Companies use our services for milling and blending of organic and inorganic chemicals. The range of chemicals handled is diverse from metal powder blending to non-toxic chemical milling. 

We can access many difficult materials from our database and mill or blend to customers’ specifications. 

We would be delighted to run trials and provide samples of  our end products. 

Active Metals

MMG MagDev Limited, Swindon

mmgMMg MagDev Limited required the processing of special magnetic materials to very specific sizes. The resultant powder was to be used all over the world in the packaging industry.


How did Pilamec Limited help? 

We initially ran trials to try to meet MMG MagDev’s specifications which not only included a tight particle size distribution, but also close limits on bulk density and tap density readings. 

MMG MagDev’s customer was invited to discuss the project at our factory and to watch the progress of the project. 

What was the outcome? 

Rigorous quality checks have resulted in many tonnes of product being sent out to MMG MagDev and to their customers throughout the world 

Customer Testimonial

"We were very pleased with the support from Pilamec to ensure we meet the 
specifications required for this product. Prototypes were produced within 
our tight delivery requirements, and the few problems that arose were dealt 
with quickly and efficiently to our customers and of course our complete 

Andy Hayling Technical Manager MMG MagDev Ltd. 

Active Metals Limited

Active MetalsWhat was the problem

Active Metals required silicon powder 99% less that 63μ with a bulk density of greater that 0.5gm/u.


How did Pilamec Limited help


Silicon powder is difficult to sieve at 63μ even if ultrasonics are used to keep the mesh clean. We needed to keep the particle size fairly high otherwise the bulk density would be too low. We found the solution by air-classifying the powder after a short milling time.

What was the outcome

The powder was produced successfully and the technical specification was met.

Customer Testimonial

We were delighted with the performance of Pilamec on this project. they provided a quick delivery at a competitive price. 

Pilamec have been a reliable supplier for many years and we will continue to make use of their services in the future. 

Malcolm Lee, Managing Director Active MetalsLtd., Sheffield, U.K.

Scottish Chemical Industries, India

Active MetalsWhat was the problem?

We have supplied our HICON 10, 10% graphite in oil lubricant to Scottish Chemical Industries for many years and margins were getting tighter and tighter. In fact we were in danger of losing the business because we were no longer competitive. How could be keep the business while still producing a top quality product?

How did Pilamec Limited help?

We produced a concentrate which could be diluted by the distributor in India back to 10% graphite in oil. We were able to make some profit from the transaction and Scottish Chemical Industries also kept their margins.

What was the outcome?

We were able to keep Scottish Chemical Industries satisfied and we hope that they will now be able to increase their level of business.

Customer Testimonial
"We believe Pilamec performed well to the challenge, being highly flexible, providing a quick turnaround, and competitively priced. When compared to the competition the reason we use Pilamec is their quality is very good and we are delighted with their overall service to the point that we will use them again and would definitely recommend them to others."

SEENIA, Scottish Chemical Industries, India