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Supplying Metal, Chemical & Ceramic Industries

for over 30 years

We offer a wide range of chemicals, metals and ceramic products

Pilamec has been serving the Metal, Chemical & Ceramic Industries for over 30 years, providing a level of service and responsiveness that our larger competitors cannot match.

Our loyal customers value our reliability and responsiveness by giving us repeat orders and constantly sending new enquiries.

If you are a trader, buyer or end user of powders we can help you process them by grinding or blending. Based in the Forest of Dean, we are ideally placed for country wide delivery.

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We supply graphite and boron nitride lubricants for many varied industries and can help distributors, traders and users to meet their lubrication needs.

Because of our many contacts in the metals, chemicals and ceramics fields we are able to offer specialised materials in various sizes. In fact, we would be delighted to help you source difficult materials from our comprehensive database.Companies use our services for milling and blending of organic and inorganic chemicals. The range of chemicals handled is diverse from metal powder blending to non-toxic chemical milling.

We can access many difficult materials from our database and mill or blend to customers’ specifications.

We would be delighted to run trials and provide samples of our end products.


Fine Powder Bagging

Vibration Pot Mill

Processing & Supply of Ceramic Powder

We offer a wide range of chemicals, metals and ceramic products

We generally hold stock of the following materials:

Silicon Metal in lump or powder form from 2 microns to lump - Ferro-Alloys - Silicon Nitride - Silicon Carbide - Graphite Powder - Graphite Lubricants in oil or water - Boron Nitride Powder - Boron Nitride in water - Alumina powder