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MEGAPOT Vibration Pot Mill

A new approach to powder milling, dispersing, blending and homogenizing.

Processing times typically reduced by a factor of 10 or more. A major contribution to improved laboratory efficiency


  • Vibration milling High Energy milling
  • High Energy milling means High Speed milling
  • High Speed milling brings results sooner
  • avoids delays that are inevitable with rotary pot mills

Process optimizations is facilitated by more rapid evaluation of variables - twenty containers can be loaded on the mill at the same time.

Process Control can be more accurate - multiple samples can be processed may times more rapidly than the conventional equipment.

High Mill Energy permits grinding of intractable materials too hard or too soft to be handled on rotary pot mills, whether the product is powder dispersation or gel.

High Product Capacity - one MEAGOT mill can accept up to four 2000 ml containers or up to twenty 100 ml containers or a mixture of these and intermediate sizes.

Brief Technical Specification

Motor : 220V single phase or 380/440V 3-phase
Dimensions : 500mm x 450mm x 450mm
Weight : 85 kgs.

The MEGAPOT Vibratory Pot Mill consists of a vibrating chassis mounted by means of a unique flexible suspension system to a rigid fabricated steel base.

The Chassis, together with containers of the product to be grind, is oscillated at approximately 2800 cycles per minute by a proprietary vibration motor system consisting of an electric motor which rotates out-of-balance weights about its axis.

The MEGAPOT Vibratory Pot Mill is free-standing, supported on four rubber feet. It is best located on the floor.


Product may be processed in any convenient and rugged cylindrical container.  Typical minimum and maximum sizes are 100 and 2000ml.

The polyethylene containers and alumina balls supplied with the mill are appropriate for most laboratory requirements.
Porcelain or steel pots and balls may be used and can be supplied by Pilamec if required.

Highly cost effective when compared with alternative equipment.

Cost benefits extend throughout the laboratory - idle time on other equipment awaiting ground product is minimized by speedier processing.

For the Plant Laboratory the Speed, Flexibility and Grinding Capacity of the MEGAPOT Vibrator Pot Mill can improve operations by:

....providing the opportunity for a more complete approach to the design and optimisation of processes

....permitting more accurate process control checks to be made during plant operations

The High Productivity of the MEGAPOT Laboratory Vibration Pot Mill allows a large number of scientists, technicians or students to benefit from its advanced technology while freeing valuable laboratory space for other uses.

Because the MEGAPOT Vibratory Mills applies many times more energy* to the grinding process than rotary pot mills or stirrers, almost any milling task can be completed more rapidly than by conventional methods.

Many materials which would not otherwise be processed have been successfully handled using the MEGAPOT Vibratory Mill, including very hard and very soft powders, dispersions and gels.

* Grinding energy depends on a number of parameters, including the container, the grinding media and the setting of the out-of-balance weights (which are set for maximum acceleration before the fill is dispatched).  Grinding energy varies with the third powder of the vibration frequency and this depends on the electrical supply frequency and the mill load.